About Wheat Springs Bakery

We’re proud to introduce you to our five great varieties of all-natural, Oregon-grown Popped Wheat Berries. Our unique air-popping technique and use of fresh, locally grown ingredients makes our products a versatile, sustainable, and wholesome choice for the whole family.

5 Varieties to Love
Our Plain Wheat Berries: A crunchy addition to sweet treats like regular and frozen yogurt, ice cream, or a substitute or supplement for breakfast cereals.

Our Salt and Vinegar Berries: Our newest flavor, a great snack all on their own.

Our Ranch and Italian Flavored Wheat Berries: A flavorful addition to salads, baked potatoes, or a unique breading for chicken, fish, and pork.

Our Wheat Berry Brittle: A delicious sweet snack and a great base for trail mix and homemade granola bars.

History of Bates Ranch & Wheat Springs Bakery
In operation since 2006, Wheat Springs Bakery is a domestic kitchen licensed by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. The wheat for our products is grown exclusively on Bates Ranch; a family farm located in Condon, Oregon since 1948.

Searching for a way to diversify her family’s wheat products and inspired by a Google search that turned up recipes using wheat berries, Donna Bates began experimenting in her personal kitchen; trying to create a healthier version of the deep fried standard. Through months of trial and error, and with the assistance of the Oregon Food Innovation Center, she developed a one-of-a-kind air-popping technique. Wheat Springs Bakery’s Popped Wheat Berries were born.